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Because I Can’t Not Comment: The Issue 1 Controversy

A few fine links regarding the ridiculous search engine exploding Issue 1, a “poetic” experiment gone terribly, terribly right:

  • That notorious crab-ass and postmodern proliferator, Ron Silliman, on the issue.  Somewhat surprising he wouldn’t laud the experiment, isn’t it?
  • How it became so viciously viral, while also commenting on the closet narcissism of poets.  Surely, there’s an element of the embarrassing here; i.e. if you didn’t have Google Alerts before, you do now.
  • K. Silem Mohammed ironically noting the three possible irritable responses to Issue 1.
  • Even the Poetry Foundation has contributed to the uproar, which is surprising considering they usually keep some distance from such tawdry affairs.
  • Not soon enough, here’s some clarification by the project’s true “authors,” who surely had no idea the extent of the pleasant mess they made.
  • And, here, for those of you who absolutely, positively, despise this sort of stuff.

Lastly, for no reason whatsoever, here’s “my” poem as it appeared on page 206:

Writing decrees like creation

The things show the uncomfortable
…….. matters of splay matters about its
……………… grief
With most hooked salvation they post
…….. redemption and eider
Are they robust?

They are warm
Out here there
…….. are hills

Timid as a decree, bold as
…….. a victory
They spring in malice
They have no remorse
That morning is theirs, pillows,
…….. sizes, souls, the fearing letters

Thing wishes in their ardent affair
They are too
…….. wild-eyed; the simultaneous mist sends their
……………… dust



  neuendorf wrote @

Mine at least has some dialogue, so it could, in theory be mine.

Nonetheless, I am going to include it on my CV.

I like how the same desperate feeling of “I must find my poem in this journal” occurred to me, even though it was not my poem, and I had to wade through 3000 pages to get there (eventually, the search function ended up working for me, but still). Perhaps part of the commentary here is on this need to see one’s name in print, or, I suppose, on the strange journal format status quo which is one hundred poets crammed together, each poet really only concerned with him or herself being there.

Anyway, I love the cover page. That’s ingenius.

  endtype wrote @

Great blog….not many people can use this layout well. But you pullet it off

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