Tier 3

music / / poetry / / philosophy / / -ology by Nick Courtright

A Little Bit of Perspective: Putting Earth in its Place

File courtesy of http://i21.tinypic.com/wjyvqw.gif; thanks to AG for spotting it



  aneuendorf wrote @

Of course, none of those other places have Gummy Bears.

  tier3 wrote @

Oh, but where is your proof?

  aneuendorf wrote @

The proof was acquired in a deeply subjective state of awareness, to which you have no access, since it is found somewhere in tier 34.

  tier3 wrote @

Well, you do remember–and surely you should, having experienced so much on your journey to greater awakening–that Parallel Opinions Theory demands that tier 35 will fully embrace the objective opposite of your present stance. Thusly, all of those places could in fact have Gummy Bears, and quite possibly an infinite amount of them.

  aneuendorf wrote @

Sure, but who will ever get to 35? If I’m stuck at 34, there’s little chance for anyone else, especially those still wallowing around in 3!

  tier3 wrote @

Hmm. I find it shocking that a self-proclaimed 34 (which is more than 25 levels beyond quantifiable as per every genius’ study of development) would deny the validity of 35 merely because, supposedly, no one will ever get there. Quite shocking. Quite, quite. Also, I sense the scent of hyperbole or perhaps delusion in your self-assessment.

  aneuendorf wrote @

Your nose, operating at a mere third tier level, must be committing some kind of sniff-based pre/trans fallacy, interpreting my unadulterated mega-genius (The Super Sorter 1000) as the scent of hyperbole. That, or else your nose is really smelling the scent of your own inner-longing and secret hero-worship of me.

And now, I shall declare this duel in my favor, and all further retorts as mental flatulence, the pointless noise of a defeated corpse releasing the traces of yesterday’s lunch.

  tier3 wrote @

To that I say “LOL,” the greatest insult of them all.

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