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The Easy Way to Think About Hearing: The Ear


What happens at #7?

How are the nerve impulses “received and heard as sound” by the brain?

Also, why?

Image courtesy of Audiology Associates.


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  aneuendorf wrote @

Yes, and how did that snail get in there? That would be a good question for his audiologist. I mean, given their lack of speed, it had to have taken forever for that snail to get that far. Even a man with the slowest reflexes on record (vegetables disqualifed) would have had enough time to pull that snail out before he got past the cochlea (which sounds very sexual). Although, this man may have limited capacities, since his head is sliced in half.

I think if the brain was so cool it would just taken the sounds waves directly and turn them into sound, cutting out the middle man. The brain is, like, way overrated.

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