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Concert Review: Of Montreal


Dear Of Montreal:

I remember way back in the day when you were singing silly little ditties on the four-track, or when you were talking about old people in the cemetery, or disconnecting the dots, or just plain old doing nothing. Ah, I remember those times like they were yesterday, when no one knew you except the fine few obsessed with that whole Elephant Six thingy. And you were so much like the Beatles!

But look how you’ve grown! Now you’ve got this whole lovely stage presence, where you like to get as nekkid as the local laws allow, with the blue lights flashing all around…you even have the money for fancy screens with disturbing cat-centric videos that look like something out of an lysergic Wall redux! And you yourself, Kevin, you’ve been working out! It makes me so proud, how magnetic you are on stage, everyone’s eyes glued to you and your pretty makeup and oversized package! Of course you still write all the songs yourself, but you’ve grown up so much! Even if you’ve become kind of a weirdo in the process!

Kevin, I know that when the lights went out, you thought the festival was shutting you down—but don’t worry, we would never do that to you. How filled with utter joy were all us loving partisans when it turned out to be only a blown circuit! And upon your beautiful return, your gracious mention of “everyone’s positive energy”! Truly, that unironic rendition of “Purple Rain” brought a tear to my eye! Literally, I was weeping with almost-deranged love for your electro-glam audacity!

So I just wanted to write, and let you know that I still think you’re absolutely boffo, even if you’ve changed (‘cuz man, of course you have). I know it’s all part of the growing process, and I did enjoy your new song “Exquisite Confessions,” which seems—dare I say—to have more of a full band mentality, and that new falsetto was indeed like soft core porn on Cinemax….

Alright, alright, I’ve come to grips with it—I won’t be sad that I’m not the only one who loves you any more. It’s okay, really. No, seriously, it’s okay.

Till death do us part,
A Longtime Fan

[photo courtesy of Chad Wadsworth]


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